I took the ferry from Georgetown to Langkawi this morning. There are only two ferries operating now at 8:15 am and 8:30 am. The later one stops off at another island. It is only a 2.5 hour trip.

I took a look at the beach and the water looks beautiful. The place I am staying is pretty simple and a little walk from the beach, but the owner is friendly and they have free wifi, which is pretty amazing for a cheap bungalow.

I booked for four nights and I think I will enjoy just staying here for the next four days.

If you would like to stay there, you need to book through the internet. The place is called Zachry’s in Langkawi. There are cheaper places to stay, but I have heard of thefts from places on the beach. Zachry also has plenty of DVDs to watch if you just want to chill out watching a movie.