Thailand’s Prime Minister has been found guilty of vote buying at the last election and has been banned from politics. This is basically what the protest at the Bangkok airport and government house was all about. Flights like they are now slowly resuming.

But is it over?

I doubt it very much. Thailand’s politics are still in a mess and there is a good chance that the current government will still be able to come back in some form, possibly leading to more protests and mayhem for the country.

I caught a bus to Satun today in southern Thailand and a ferry to Langkawi Malaysia. Apparently all of the resorts are full here because of people leaving Thailand.

Langkawi Ferry

Even if the airport gets going again, this years high season for Thailand is going to pretty dead. At least 1 million jobs in tourism will be lost.

I stayed here last year and really enjoyed the place. Much more low key than the island resorts in Thailand and the food is great, with lots of variety.

Langkawi Ferry