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Clunk clunk clunk

I caught the “VIP” bus last night from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok. I had to wait at least one hour before the bus was full – no luxury of having a vacant seat next to me. A couple of hours out of Chiang Mai, I...

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Chiang Mai Architecture

Chiang Mai has some beautiful old buildings, that you just don’t see in Bangkok and other areas. Here some pictures I took this morning while walking to breakfast. Wat Chedi Luang, a beautiful teak temple. This building is...

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Second best pizza in Chiang Mai

I like reading travel blogs, especially those written by people traveling in Asia. I can’t remember which blog I saw it on, but I remember seeing a picture of a sign which reads “Second best pizza in Chiang...

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Chiang Mai

I arrived in Chiang Mai early yesterday morning. It was a long bus ride (for me) but I got a little sleep. Some passengers on the bus were already booked in for a day’s trekking that day. All I wanted to do was eat and...

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Heading to Chiang Mai

I am taking a bus tonight to Chiang Mai. I have spent quite a bit of time in Thailand now, but never made it up to Chiang Mai. The bus ride is at least 10 hours from Bangkok and it is far from any beach, which probably has...

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