It may be surprising, yet hiking in South Korea is known as one of the most popular past times
over there, and it is no surprise with all the breathtaking scenery that this country has to offer.
There are even many national parks in the country to promote their favourite past time. After all,
there is more to life than to the hustle and bustle of Seoul, which normally garners the most
attention for tourists away from the countryside.

So, if you want a bit of adventure and go off the beaten path, these recommendations are
perfect for you!

Hallasan, Jeju Island

Measured at 1,950 metres Hallasan is the tallest mountain in South Korea, it is natural this
mountain one of the most popular attractions South Korea’s Jeju Island has to offer. Known for
its volcanic landscape dominated by Hallasan’s mass, it is no wonder this is a popular
destination for tourists, and for native South Koreans to hike. Here you will experience
impressive rock formations, and the famous crater lake, Baengnokdam at the peak of Hallasan!
There is four hiking trails to choose from to hike this mountain. Yet the most popular two choices
are the Gwaneumsa trail, and the Seongpanak trail as they both lead to the mountain’s peak.
Although it is longer by 900 metres totalling to 9.6km, the Seongpanak trail is less steep.
Whereas, the Gwaneumsa trail at 8.7km, is commonly recommended as the most scenic. You
can visit South Korea’s national tourist site for further information.

Jirisan, Jirisan National Park

Second after the tallest mountain, Hallasan, and sitting at 1,915 metres high. Jirisan is based in
Jirisan National Park, which is oldest and largest national park which sprawls to three provinces
of South Korea! Here, you can see many picturesque views such as Nogodan Sea of Clouds
and Buril Waterfall. As there is an abundance of wildlife on this biodiverse land, naturally, there
is many to see as a result. Since there are many hiking trails on this national park for various
peaks, it is important to choose your path carefully before you hike around Jirisan, as they are
known to be strenuous even for well seasoned hikers!

There are buses from certain cities that travels to Jirisan, so it is best you seek information from your nearest travel information office and on your local search engine.

Seoraksan, Gangwon Province

Based on the northern parts of South Korea in Taebaek mountain range, Seoraksan is one of the most popular place to hike in the Gangwon Province. Like Jirisan, Seoraksan has an array of trails to suit all types of hikers. For a beginner, you can even hike up 1,708 meters to Daecheongbong peak through the Daecheongbong trail. Furthermore, it is known to be one of the most beautiful mountains that South Korea can offer.


If you are struggling for time and looking for a place to hike around Seoul parameters, there is
always Bukhansan which is 836 high in Bukhansan National Park. Here, you can find lush
forests, and the world known granite rock peak in Insubong too. Its highest and main peak is
called Baegunbong, and it is very accessible with its trails where you can reach it roughly
around three hours. However, this varies depending where you start, and one of the popular
trails starts from the Bukhansanseong Hiking Support Center near Gupabal Station. You can
seek transport methods on South Korea’s national tourist website for more information.

Naejangsan, North Jeolla Province

The most picturesque place to witness the beauty of fall leaves in South Korea is Naejangsan.
Known for its numerous waterfalls such as Geumseon Falls, and temples such as Baekyangsa
temple. So, it is safe to say that you will not be bored of the offerings in this area. The simplest hiking trail which is great for beginners is the Jangseongsaejae trail which is 6.4km, estimated to be completed at 2 hours 50 minutes. Whereas for seasoned mountaineers, there is Baekyangsa Temple-Naejangsa Temple trail which is 12km in length, and totals up to roughly 7 hours for completion.

hiking in South Korea

So, hopefully these places to hike have broadened your mind in that there is so many natural
landscapes to see in South Korea. All these mountains admissions are free besides the parking

It is true South Korea is viewed as a pricier place to travel in comparison to other Asian
countries, however this should not be the main reason to stick to just Seoul. It is still good to
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. Travelling and life never has to be straightforward anyway, and sometimes it
essential to take a detour and the beauty of other scenery.

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