It is kind of strange arriving in a new town or city. You have a map of the city, but you have no idea of how to read it, let alone know which way you should hold it up.

Taxi drivers will greet you with, “Where do you want to go?” Of course you want to show that you know exactly where you want to go, but in reality you have no idea. It is always hard to know if your hotel is 100 or 1000 meters away. Distances on most maps can be pretty deceiving.

After finding somewhere to put my head down for the night, I like to walk around for a while to get my bearings, not going anywhere in particular; find the local stores and somewhere to eat.

After a couple of days, you become more familiar with the place and can find your way around without a map without getting to lost. The people in the restaurants and start to become more familiar and conversation gets a bit longer.

You would like think that they will remember you, but ith the hundreds of people passing through, I am sure you just become another forgotten face.

After seeing a few sights it is not long before you start studying maps of the next place you want to visit and the whole journey starts over.