India is a country which is blessed by a huge coastline, both in the eastern seaboard and the western seaboard. On one side, we have the Bay of Bengal and on the other side we have the Arabian Sea. Measuring down the coastline, it extends beyond seven and a half thousand kilometers! It is incredible and because of that, there are some beautiful beaches for us to enjoy and take pleasure in. But, not all beaches are just beautiful. They have an additional character adding to the beauty or just making it plain weird. So, here are some of the weirdest beaches in the country to enjoy, I guess?

1. Dumas Beach Surat, Gujarat

Dumas Beach

Photo credit: Marwada

We kick things off with the occult, the weird as well as the creepy. Based near a small village which is also called Dumas, Dumas beach has been on numerous lists being touted as one of the most haunted places in the country. The beach is actually quite nice and beautiful but as the night comes, it becomes secluded. There are four adjoining beaches here. The story is that near the third beach lies a graveyard which is used by the people of Hindu faith. It said that at night, you can hear whispers of the souls. If you get scared easily, get out before sundown, or hang around for a night you will never forget! To know more about tourist places in Surat, check:

2. Cow Beach, Goa

Cow Beach Goa

Photo credit: Christian Haugen

The beach is the place where humanity goes to do some soul searching, walk near the waters with a loved one or just enjoy and take the sunshine in. Now imagine, a cow leisurely strolling on the beach and sunbathing, just like everyone else. Sounds a little peculiar, doesn’t it? But it is a common site at this beach. In Goa, probably the beach paradise that it is, there is a certain beach where people along with their animal counterparts are all welcome. Tourists even try to take pictures with the cows. But just like everybody else, they need their privacy too. All they want to do is just sit in the sand and take in the beauty of the beach, along with their gang of course.

3. Arambol Beach, Goa

Arambol Beach, Goa India

Photo credit: Carlos Adampol Galindo

Arambol Beach is located in the northern region of Goa. A picturesque beach, it is located in a place close to a community of fishermen. At first glance, the beach appears normal like any other beach you might have seen – waves coming, water crashing on the beach and the natural beauty all around. The incredible thing however, lies near this beach. If you have ever had a swim near the beach, you can literally taste the salt in the water, but nearby, there is a spring that produces sweet water! It is a small lake located minutes from the beach. The water is quaint, serene and perfect for a swim or two. There usually isn’t many people around, so you can take your time and be more intimate with Nature. To read more about Goa and its famous places, see:

4. Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi Beach

Photo Credit: Mike Prince

Home to the Instagram famous and the very alluring Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram is a town that you hear about in stories and yet, it exists in its full-fledged incredible beauty. The town of the Dhanushkodi had been named after the tales of Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Rama built a bridge and marked the beginnings with the end of his bow. And that is what Dhanushkodi means. Coming to the weird and sad part, the whole town was destroyed in a Cyclone more than half a century ago. It has remained abandoned since. The beach here is part of a literal Ghost Town and to reach here, you either walk or drive. There are certain remnants of the unlucky village. It is an incredible experience being here.

5. Varkala Beach, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Photo credit: Kerala Tourism

The Varkala beach is located on the southern extremities of Thiruvananthapuram. It is a stunning beach which is lined by cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean and is filled with greenery. And just down the cliffs lies the stretch of the sandy beach. Sounds like a run of the mill beach, right? Wait until you hear by what name it is also known as. Also called the Papanasam beach, it is believed that the waters of this beach are sacred and one dip can wash away all of your sins. Papanasam means destruction or removal of sins. You emerge out of the waters a pure soul as the sun sets in the background. Sounds like a movie ending to me. To plan your trip to Kerala, check:

There are various other beaches that are unique, quirky and spectacularly beautiful. Some of them are due to their formation, land size or the shores. The Andaman Islands are said to be home to the best beaches in India and that is saying something. Well, India has always been sort of weirdly charming in its own way. That is what draws people here, and is another part of the Incredible India.