You have been wanting to go on a bike adventure and it is time to crash that goal. But you are hesitant because it is your first time. You are unsure of what to bring with you, which route to go, do you make it a full day adventure or an afternoon adventure? Should you explore trail within your locality or do you travel to explore one of those world renown cycling trails?

What kind of gear or clothing should you wear? Is it best to go on the adventure alone or should you join a cycling club and go on your adventure as a group? These and more questions bombarding your mind and you are both excited and hesitant to travel with your bike on an adventure.

This article will equip you with the basic information to help you get ready for a fun, exciting and thrilling adventure on your bike. It will go over equipment and clothing, choosing a route, preparing your bike for an adventure as well as a guide to feeding while on the adventure.

Five Tips On How to Travel with Your Bike On an Adventure for the first time

1. Equipment and clothing

The number on equipment for your adventure is your bike. While there are adventure bikes specially designed for adventure cycling, if you own best mountain bike under 300 or the best mountain bike under 200, you can be sure you it will ride just fine. For the best performance across various terrains, it is best that your bike has disc brakes, bigger tires and a mud guard.

Besides having a good bike, you need protective clothing and equipment. The basic protective equipment and wear include helmet and body armor to protect your knees and elbows. Invest in good bike gloves and goggles. Your clothes should be able to absorb excess moisture and sweat. It is paramount that you bring along a first ad kit and a repair kit for emergency situation.

2. Selecting a route

Many trail centers across the world have a color grading system that classify the types of trails. Based on this system you can choose trails that are beginner friendly or those that suit your level of expertise. For a first time, it is advisable that you start with easy trails. Also, consider your preferred riding style when choosing a route. If you like downhill riding, go for a trail that has several downhill terrains.

3. Prepare your bike for the adventure trip

You may think this is such an obvious and simple tip and maybe even overlook it but it is paramount that you you test your bike before heading out to the trail. Tune up the bike or take it to a local shop to have it tuned up. Ride around your neighborhood to ensure that the bike is working well. Make the necessary adjustments on gears, brakes, saddle height, handlebar and other parts to get the right fit.

4. Feeding

If you are taking a long adventure trip, it is important you plan for your meals before hand. Will you pack your food or do you prefer to stop over at a diner? While it is crucial you eat enough to get the energy to cycle through the trails, it is not recommended to ride on a full stomach. Eat your fruits and vegetables and pack some nuts, seeds or protein bars to snack on. Remember to bring your water bottle or a hydration kit to keep you stay hydrated throughout your trip.

5. To ride alone or in a group

You can choose to either ride alone or in a group. Riding in a group offers you company, you will be more confident in exploring new terrains. Besides, in case of an emergency you will have someone to take care of you. However, the limitation of riding in a group is that you will need to fit your schedule into the group schedule. In addition, many riding groups have clubs and you are required to become a member to engage in the group activities.

On the other hand, if you choose to ride alone you will have the freedom to choose the time and route for your adventure. However, in case of an emergency you are on your own. Consider both options and choose the ideal option for you.

When you travel with your bike on an adventure for the first time, it can be difficult to let go and enjoy the trip. However, with proper preparation it is possible to enjoy exploring on two wheels even in a foreign location. Ensure that your bike is in top notch state, get the additional gear and equipment you need. For the first few adventure trips, choose easy to ride trails and preferably ride in a group until you can be confident enough to ride on your own on tougher terrains.