I am currently staying in Georgetown, Penang. It is commercial center of Penang and has a large ethnic Chinese population. There are also quite a few Indians and the city even has a “Little India”. I just finished reading Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Triple J radio host, Sarah Macdonald, which has made me really want to go and check out India.

I like Malaysia so far, except that most of the cheap hotels I have seen so far only have shared bathrooms. This is the first country I have been to on this trip where this is the norm, rather than the exception. Nothing worse if you have had a few beers (or an Indian curry) and have to walk around in the night trying to remember where the bathroom is.

I just booked a guesthouse in Langkawi tonight. Langkawi is only about a 2-3 hour ferry ride from here, so I couldn’t resist.

Here are some pictures from my walk today.

Carpenter’s guild – where carpenters come to prey. The temple was built around late 1800s and is on a street called “Love Lane”.

Carpenters guild penang

Georgetown Penang

Little India

Little India Penang

Tonight’s dinner. Delicious, but I might be regretting it later. Served on a banana leaf which is not only more environmentally friendly than plastic plates, it saves on the washing up.

Indian curry penang