Arrived in Penang Malaysia this afternoon. Pretty uneventful border crossing over to Malaysia. It is my first time to visit the country. I wanted to come via Lang Kawi, but because it is low season there didn’t seem to be any easy transport options.

I sat next to a Malaysian tour guide on the minibus coming from the Malaysian border. He was going to meet a tour group at the border. He had the right day, but the wrong month. He proceeded to tell me every problem with Malaysia and the government. He was funny to talk to, but I just wanted to sleep. Not sure what it is, but I can now manage to fall straight to sleep as soon as I get on a bus.

It is not so hot, but pretty humid. The hotel rooms I looked at were mostly pretty bleak looking rooms. Tomorrow I am going to spend some time looking for a nicer place. At least there are a few places offering free Wifi.