I just wrote the other day, I was planning to go to Bali. Australia is an expensive country to fly out of. The nearest country is New Zealand (at least from the east coast) and then Indonesia. Once you get into Asia, flights are cheap. AirAsia is basic, but suits me fine.

Jetstar seem to be the cheapest airline to fly out of Australia. The cheapest Asian flight I found was from Melbourne to Bangkok – $273 (plus taxes). Bali was over $400, so I have decided to go for the cheaper option. I really wish airlines would just include all of their charges in the prices they advertise. You basically take any price Jetstar advertises and double it, to get the final price.

I went to the Thai consulate today to get a two month (extendible) visa. Price was AU$45. Even if I don’t stay the full two months, it is nice not to have to worry too much about being somewhere up country and my visa running out. It is the end of the low season in Thailand, but reading travel forums, it looks like visitor numbers could be down, because of the current economic crisis.

More beach for me!