This blog was previously on another domain I own After much thought of where I want to travel and what kind of website I want to run, I bought this domain and decided to move the blog entries I have made up until now to here. Since the blog was about my travel in Asia the past two or so years, it made a lot of sense. If or when I go to Africa, travelzulu will be a great name for a website!

I am in Melbourne now as I write this, but planning a trip to Bali now. Bali is the news a bit now because it is the anniversary of the 2005 (October 1st) and 2002 bombings (October 12th). In the 2002 bombings, 202 people were killed, including 88 Australians. It was the first time for Australians to be targetted by a terrorist attack.

I have been to the memorial in Kuta it was a somber experience. Having been to Bali a few times now, you can’t help thinking it could easily have been me. What is more disturbing is that the so called ‘Bali bombers’ are not repentant at all for their actions. They even laugh and joke with the media as they wait their death sentence.

Tourism has apparently started to lift again in Bali. Of course people get worried when you tell them you are going there, but the chances of being involved in any attack is slim. If people stop going to Bali, the terrorists win.