Traveling by yourself is the best way to explore as much as you want, to walk as much as you need and to rest the way you always dream of. Solo traveling is not a game to play but many like to experience it at least once in their lifetime.

If you often travel alone then you have perhaps faced many difficulties as well as interesting and more inspiring adventures due to which you have learned a lot about the culture and traditions of the place you have visited. If your upcoming destination is Thailand, today we’ll give a piece of advice and tips for solo travelers for the first time to Koh Samui.

Samui People

Thailand is known as a land of smiles because people are very friendly and smiley there. This means that you have fewer difficulties when it comes to locals. They are always there for you to help whenever you need to learn something new. However, avoid scammers and liars who are used to chat with you in a friendlier manner than others offering their services and deals.

Many visitors recommend learning some common phrases before arriving Koh Samui. It helps to chat with locals as well as overcome culture shock as easily as possible. Most Thai people have some level of English and it’s one of the advantages for solo travelers who don’t know the Thai language.

people of Koh Samui

Where to Stay

Most new arrivals are recommended to stay in Chaweng as it’s the most popular beach in Samui. The second beach to choose is the Lamai. It’s actually calmer and less crowded. Those looking for the quietest beaches with the most beautiful sunsets should stay either on Taling Ngam or Bobhut.
You can rent a house, condo or book a hotel room just in front of the beach or closer to the center of the island. It all depends on your preferences.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui Real Estate

The most important thing just after arriving to a new place is having some rest at the accommodation you have rented before your arrival. Koh Samui real estate industry and travel agencies work really hard to provide foreigners with the most useful info and accommodation possibilities in affordable prices. You can find many offers and ads on the streets too but its’ recommended to do some research about the facilities and price tags beforehand not to be confused or spend odd time on searches. You can find apartments to rent in Koh Samui online and come to enjoy it starting from the first day of your vacation.

Getting Around

Traveling alone in a large island may seem to be weird and dull, but the fact is that no one ever gets bored in the island of Koh Samui. It’s perfect both for groups and solo travelers. First of all, opt for songthaews while getting around. It’s the basic means of transportation in Samui and is not only great for solo travels but is quite interesting and adventurous.

Visit the most popular attractions, parks and gardens and try to discover as much as possible by walking. You can also rent a motorbike but be careful on the roads.

Getting around Koh Samui

Koh Samui Nightlife

It seems as if the day doesn’t have an end in Samui. If you are worried about being alone, don’t worry. The coolest parties take part around Chaweng. Ark Bar, for example is one of the most visited bars on the beach with whiskey buckets and fire dancers.

Koh Samui night clubs

Later in the evening you can visit several disco clubs where you will surely find other solo travelers. Green Mango Street and Reggae Pub are also very popular. Besides, pubs, restaurants and bars you can also find night markets on the streets offering really delicious Thai food.