It has rained almost two days solid here in Dalat. Dalat is in the mountains, so it is much cooler than the coastal cities of Vietnam. I put shoes and socks on last night for the first time in three months. I also had a great night’s sleep.

I came to Dalat over 10 years ago with a couple of friends when I was teaching in Japan. One of my friends lost his passport in the bus on the way to Dalat, so it is place I will never forget.

The town has narrow, windy roads and cafes everywhere. There a few tours you can do out of the city, but with the weather the way it is I don’t think I will bother. The motorcycle tour guides are also very pushy and don’t leave you alone wherever you go. Their tours through the Central Highlands look interesting, but I don’t know if I could stand sitting on the back of a bike for so long.