With just a few days before I leave to Bangkok, protests continue which left two people dead yesterday.

With the economic crisis going on, I have hardly seen anything in the news. It seems like the protests are only taking place around the parliament buildings. From some blogs that I read, it sounds like it is business as usual.

I have to admit I don’t understand much about Thai politics. I can imagine there will be a few more people canceling their travel plans.

From the LA Times:

“I came to protest, and then the police used violence against the people. I saw my uncle and aunt hit with tear gas. It will only get worse and worse,” student Jakkapun Kaewsangthong, 21, said as tear gas canisters exploded outside parliament.

“The world should know the current government has no right to govern this country anymore — they should resign or retire,” Kaewsangthong said. “We will stay as long as the government stays in power.”