I was just reading an article on a company that is starting a new service that enables travelers to rent their clothes for their holiday. The idea is that it cuts down the need for having to carry around heavy luggage on your holiday. When I first read the article, it sounded more like an April fool’s day joke to me.

The founder of the new service is Catharine MacIntosh and the company is called Zero Baggage. Maybe the idea is more appealing to women, but I wonder how many women could really travel with no luggage?

I generally travel light anyway. Most of my luggage is made up of my laptop and various accessories like cameras and other equipment. Presumably I could get these items also at Zero Baggage, but I would waste time trying to set up a new laptop how I like it. The new netbooks that are available are small and light anyway. I don’t like carrying too many clothes and one pair of shoes and some sandals is generally enough.

I know many people don’t like having to wait for their luggage at the baggage claim area at the airport, but even though it sometimes seems like an eternity, I am sure in reality it’s usually only about 5-10 minutes. I have never understood how people are in such a mad rush to get off the plane when it lands and then they only have to wait to pick up their luggage.

If you have no luggage on a plane, especially on a long flight I would imagine that you might raise some suspicions with immigration and customs of most countries.

Imagine after landing in your new destination you have to visit a store or somewhere to try on an pick out your clothes. I believe the service is done all online, so perhaps this isn’t necessary, but how many times do you try on something and it fits the first time?

From the company’s website as to why the service was started:

Allowing for an environmentally responsible, anxiety-free way of living and travelling brings us closer to a state of seamless travel and weightless living. Less, truly becomes more. Movement and circulation of items create a robust new business model generating greater wealth over a longer period of time.

Is it just me or is one of the most ludicrous ideas for a travel related business?