I remember reading somewhere yesterday after Bangkok’s international airport was forced to close because of Thai anti-government protesters, someone said at least they could use Don Muang airport, which is Bangkok’s old international airport and currently used for domestic travel. Well, the protesters have now taken over that airport as well, making it almost impossible for international travelers to arrive or leave Thailand through Bangkok. Not to mention disruption to mail and air freight.

The island resorts of Phuket and Koh Samui have international airports which is one alternate solution and I have heard that they might use a military airport near Pattaya which could handle emergencies, but the logistics of getting it ready for commercial use, it is not going to be quick or easy.

The PAD have been protesting at government house since August so who knows how long they are planning to block the airport.

One thing for certain is that it is going to cripple business and tourism in Thailand. Neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia might be happy with what is going on, but the situation, could have a negative impact on the whole region. Even the Philippine President said what is happening in Thailand is a lack of “political maturity.”

Of course in the rest of Thailand, life goes on and no-one seems to care too much and after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the focus of the world news has already shifted.