I got up early this morning (at least earlier than usual) and rode a bike out to Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is truly the national symbol and pride of the Cambodian people. The image is used on so many products, including my favorite: Angkor Beer. It was hot as usual and the very flat 6 km ride left me drenched.

They offer 1, 3 and 7 day passes. At $20 for a one day pass, it is probably one of the most expensive things you will have to pay for in Cambodia. I was thinking about getting the 3 day pass before I got to Siem Reap, but finally opted for the 1 dayer.

I think 1 day is enough. I was done by around lunchtime. I visited most of the main temples, at least all of the 3 and 4 star temples from my guidebook. I suppose some people love hearing about the history and what all of the different depictions mean, but I just can’t get into that much. I think I get more of a kick out of talking to different people on the way and cycling around. I am sure also the gardens would look much better in the wet season.

I have met a few Cambodians that have family in Australia. I was reading in a magazine that they have even built a Buddhist temple somewhere in New South Wales for the large Cambodian community.